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Further Storms and Flooding Predicted

The UK Met Office is advising of a significant flooding risk across the South of the UK, with 18 Flooding warnings on rivers in Berkshire, Hampshire, and Surrey.

"Rivers across the home counties are expected to continue to rise for the next few days and remain sensitive to further rainfall. The weather forecast is to expect showers over the next week, some of these will be heavy."
To be prepared (just in case...), we are advising customers to review their current plans for actions to be taken in such circumstances. Key questions to be answered are:-
1. What will happen to the server(s) if there is a power cut?
2. Should any equipment be moved off the floor onto desks or up to a first floor location?
3. Can Employees work from home if required?
4. If the worst happens where are the backups stored? Do you have an offsite copy? Can you access them if you need to restore files?
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the team on 01256 479700

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