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Welcome to DISConsulting IT Ltd - providers of IT/Computer support services across the UK

If you're a business owner, director or manager looking for a place that understands you, looking for a place that can help and support you, a place that can inspire you... a place where you can learn about new technologies and ideas, then congratulations - 

You've just found that place- 

Our Services

Our Servuces
Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote Monitoring is the process in which your IT provider will monitor your server, client PC/Laptop, and network activities. Remote Management is managing a Server/PC/Laptop or network from a remote location

Cyber Security

With the UK government actively pushing cyber security accreditations such as Cyber Essentials, with many UK businesses specifically asking for proof of certificates, it is becoming more important for organisations and businesses to protect themselves  

Business Continuity

With an ever-increasing dependence on IT systems for business operations, it's vital to have a disaster recovery solution in place to ensure the rapid recovery and continuity of your business data, should a disaster occur.

Cloud Services

Whether you are already using or wish to start using Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft's Azure/Office 365, 
we have the experience and skills to be able to offer advice and the practical help to build the correct solution for your business.   

Telecoms & Internet Connectivity

Together with our telecoms partners, we are able to drive down the total cost of ownership of your telecoms, tackling ALL costs, not just those generated from calls.

Support Helpdesk 

Here at DISConsulting we provide Dependable - Guaranteed Response Times for ALL Support Calls

Testimonials/Case Studies

“I thought the days of finding a company that provided what they actually promised were gone.  DISConsulting have really helped us out and as we have grown, they have become an extension of our company that we rely upon"

Gill Rivron 
PA to Managing Director, Mercona GB Ltd 

Ready to find out more?

We are a proactive business just like many of you.  Having run our own business for the last 16 years, we know how hard it can be in business and how important it is to have systems that are working.​

98% of our customers are completely satisfied with our service 
99% Of support tickets are responded to within 10 minutes  
 100% UK based IT support desk serving all of our customers  
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