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Business Continuity

DISConsulting stands as your dependable partner in ensuring uninterrupted business operations. With over two decades of expertise in managed IT and Telecoms services, we recognize the pivotal significance of Business Continuity. Explore our suite of services tailored to fortify your business against unforeseen challenges in Basingstoke, Hampshire.


Understanding Business Continuity:

Business Continuity surpasses mere disaster recovery; it's about sustaining operations during and after unexpected events. From natural disasters to cyber threats, maintaining seamless functionality is critical. At DISConsulting, we specialise in crafting bespoke strategies to safeguard your business interests.


Our Approach to Business Continuity:


Cloud Backup Solutions: Harness the potential of cloud technology to securely store and retrieve critical data. Our tailored cloud backup solutions ensure accessibility despite on-site disruptions.


Scheduled Backup Snapshots: Proactive measures are key. Our scheduled backup snapshots capture data at regular intervals, minimizing losses and maximizing recovery efficiency.


Online Data Replication and Storage: Gain peace of mind knowing your data is securely replicated and stored online, ensuring redundancy and accessibility during crucial times.


Why Choose DISConsulting?

We transcend service provision; we're dedicated continuity planning partners. Here's why clients trust us:


Tailored Solutions:

Understanding the uniqueness of every business, we offer customized solutions aligned with specific requirements and industry standards.



With 20 years of industry experience, we deliver unwavering reliability, ensuring operational stability regardless of circumstances.


24/7 Support:

Emergencies don’t adhere to business hours. Our round-the-clock support team ensures smooth system operations.


The Significance of Proactive Business Continuity:

In today's competitive landscape, downtime equates to revenue loss and reputational damage. Invest in robust Business Continuity solutions to mitigate risks and gain a competitive edge. Minimize disruptions, protect assets, and maintain customer trust with our innovative services.


Take Action Now:

Don't wait for a crisis. Proactively safeguard your business. Contact us at 01256 479700 or complete our contact form for a personalized consultation. Let us fortify your infrastructure for continuity in adversity.



At DISConsulting, Business Continuity isn’t just a service – it's our commitment to your success. Rely on our expertise, experience, and unwavering support to fortify your business against uncertainties. Secure operations, maintain productivity, and stay ahead with our tailored solutions in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

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