Backup & Disaster

We know through experience that businesses that fail to have a disaster recovery solution in place often experience huge losses - both to their finances and their reputation - in the aftermath of an IT outage.

Whether you are operating a virtual environment or physical servers, or indeed a mixture of both, with DISConsulting the backup of your critical data is backed up to onsite and/or offsite server storage at regular scheduled intervals. All our offsite storage is fully encrypted, and fully monitored for maximum security and fulfils all current UK/GDPR regulations for data storage.


This means that if or when a hardware failure occurs, we'll replace it and restore your data to the latest backup available. 

Its also important to ensure that any cloud based data is covered within your disaster recovery plans. For exmaple, Office365 data is not backed up automatically as part of the standard service offering from Microsoft, so mailboxes, OneDrive, and SharePoint data could all be vulunerable.