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Cloud Computing can save your company money

Did you know that cloud computing is booming across a variety of industries, especially with the growth of remote working. Even though it can be a time-consuming process to migrate, the cloud can provide extensive financial benefits like budget savings and increased workplace productivity. In fact, it's been documented that companies can save an average of 15% on all IT costs by migrating to the cloud. Could you be saving upto 15%?

Reduces the necessary amount of hardware

An advantage of public cloud computing is the reduction in hardware costs. Instead of purchasing in-house equipment such as servers, hardware needs are left to the vendor. For companies that are growing rapidly, new hardware can be large, expensive, and inconvenient. Cloud computing alleviates these issues because resources can be acquired quickly and easily. Even better, the cost of repairing or replacing equipment is passed to the vendors.

Along with purchase costs, off-site hardware results in a reduction in internal power costs and saves space in your office(s). Large servers can take up precious office space and produce a large amount of heat. Moving to cloud applications or storage can help maximize space and significantly cut energy expenditure

Less demanding labour and maintenance

Cloud solutions can also lead to a decrease in labour and maintenance costs. As a result of the hardware being owned by vendors and stored in off-site locations, there is less demand for in-house IT staff. If servers or other hardware need repairs or upgrades, it is the responsibility of the vendor and doesn’t cost you any time or money.

Eliminating routine maintenance can free your IT staff to focus on important initiatives and development. In some cases, this could even mean reducing staff size. For companies lacking the resources for an in-house IT staff, the cloud will help eliminate costly hardware repair bills.

Higher productivity

In addition to the potential labour savings, cloud computing can be extremely cost-effective for companies because of the increase in workforce productivity. The deployment of cloud software is notably faster than conventional installation. Instead of the weeks or months that a standard company-wide installation may take, cloud software deployment can happen in a matter of hours. This means employees can spend less time waiting and more time working.

Adoption time is also decreased with cloud solutions. SaaS applications are typically available through a web browser and can be learned quickly and easily. Finally, most cloud storage and software applications are available anywhere with an internet connection. This is great news for companies that rely on travel or have employees working from home/remote locations.

Lower initial capital investment

Typically, cloud solutions are available in a pay-as-you-go pricing model. This format provides savings and flexibility in several ways. Also, your company doesn’t have to pay for software that isn’t being utilized. Unlike an upfront license, cloud software typically only costs per user. Additionally, pay-as-you-go software can be cancelled at any time, reducing the financial risk of any software that doesn’t work.

The up-front cost of the cloud is also lower than in-house solutions. For companies that need top-tier products but don’t have extensive funds immediately available, cloud solutions can provide fantastic flexibility.

Cloud computing can help you save on investments in other areas as well. By storing data and applications on the cloud, your employees can access them wherever they are, improving work from home capabilities. This means you’ll need less office space and can potentially lower your rent and utility payments

Making the jump to cloud computing for your business

Have you considered maximizing your budget with cloud computing solutions? If not, it’s time to look into what the cloud can offer. Cloud migrations can be intimidating, but all of the benefits they offer make them worth the time and effort. Saving money is great, but the advantages don’t stop there. You can also reduce the workload on your staff, get more productivity from your employees, and lower the amount of hardware you need to keep and maintain.

Top public Cloud computing providers

If you’re ready to make the jump to cloud computing, here are a few providers you should consider:-

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Amazon Web Sevrices (AWS)

  • Google Cloud

Contact DISConsulting IT Ltd today, 01256 479700, for further advice and information on moving your operations to the cloud.

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