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Is Remote Working is here to stay?

A recent remote working survey conducted by DISConsulting IT Ltd has suggested that remote working will continue long after the lockdown(s) has ended.

Despite businesses rushing to get set up remotely, 59.7% of the respondents admitted that they hadn’t found remote working difficult, instead stating that they would be happy to work remotely on a more permanent basis.

The standout disadvantage of remote working is that respondents are missing their face-to-face connection with colleagues, something that could be counteracted with regular video calls.

Respondents listed the main benefits to remote working as:-

· Spending more time with their family 28.61%

· Being more flexible with work hours 49.51%

· Believing remote working was better for the environment 42.23%

· Felt like they were able to work more independently 29.61%

· Reduced travel time 61.65%

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