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Welcome to DISConsulting, your trusted partner in optimized business operations through our dedicated Support Helpdesk services. With two decades of expertise in managed IT and Telecoms services, we understand the pivotal role reliable support plays in ensuring your business continuity. Explore how our comprehensive support packages can elevate your operations in Basingstoke, Hampshire.


Understanding Support Helpdesk Services:

A Support Helpdesk serves as the lifeline for businesses, providing essential technical assistance and troubleshooting for day-to-day IT and Telecoms issues. At DISConsulting, our Helpdesk is the cornerstone of our commitment to delivering prompt, efficient, and reliable support.


Our Range of Support Packages:

Discover our tailored support packages designed to suit various business needs:

  1. One-Off Support: Assistance for specific technical issues or troubleshooting requirements.

  2. Remote Engineer Support: Swift resolutions through remote assistance, minimizing disruption to your operations.

  3. Onsite Engineer Support Contracts: Dedicated support contracts guaranteeing the presence of expert engineers where and when needed for hands-on resolution of complex issues.


All our support packages adhere to our standard 4-hour response Service Level Agreement (SLA), ensuring minimal downtime for your business.


Why Choose DISConsulting's Support Helpdesk?

Partnering with DISConsulting for your support needs offers:

  • Two Decades of Industry Expertise: Benefit from 20 years of experience, refining our support services to ensure reliability and efficiency.

  • Tailored Solutions: Customizable support packages integrated seamlessly into your workflows for specific operational requirements.

  • Standard 4-hour Response SLA: Our commitment to a swift response minimizes disruptions by promptly addressing your issues.


The Power of Proactive Support:

Efficient and reliable support services are critical for seamless business operations. Choosing our Support Helpdesk offers a competitive edge through minimized downtime, enhanced productivity, and seamless technical assistance.


Take Action Today:

Don't let technical challenges hinder your business success. Contact us at 01256 479700 or complete our contact form for a consultation. Let DISConsulting's Support Helpdesk maximize your operational efficiency.



At DISConsulting, our Support Helpdesk is more than just resolving technical issues – it's our commitment to your business's continuity and success. Trust our expertise, tailored support packages, and proactive assistance to ensure seamless operations and empower your business to thrive in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

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