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Telecoms & Internet

Welcome to DISConsulting, your trusted partner in optimizing business communications. With two decades of expertise in managed IT and Telecoms services, we understand the pivotal role connectivity plays in today's business landscape. Discover how our tailored services can elevate your operations.


Understanding Telecoms and Internet Connectivity:

In a hyper-connected world, seamless communication and robust connectivity are imperative. At DISConsulting, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to keep your business connected and operational.


Our Range of Telecoms and Internet Connectivity Services:


Hosted VOIP Systems: Embrace the flexibility and efficiency of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems. Our hosted VOIP solutions cater to businesses with 1 to 50 users, offering reliable and scalable communication platforms.


Mobile Phones and Connectivity: Stay connected on the go with our range of mobile phones and tailored connectivity solutions. We offer plans to suit diverse business needs, ensuring uninterrupted communication from anywhere.


ADSL, SOEGA, Fibre Internet or Leased Line Connections: Elevate your connectivity with high-speed fibre internet or leased line connections. Experience reliable, lightning-fast internet that supports seamless business operations.


Why Choose DISConsulting?

Partnering with us for your Telecoms and Connectivity needs guarantees:


Two Decades of Industry Experience: With 20 years in the field, we've refined our services to provide reliable, cutting-edge solutions that adapt to evolving business needs.


Scalable Solutions: Whether a small business or scaling up, our services flexibly adapt to your growth and specific requirements.


Dedicated Support: Our team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and support, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.


The Power of Reliable Telecoms and Internet Connectivity:

Efficient communication and dependable internet connectivity are pivotal for modern businesses. Invest in our tailored solutions to ensure seamless communication, increased productivity, and enhanced collaboration among your teams.


Take Action Today:

Empower your business with dependable Telecoms and Internet Connectivity solutions. Contact us at 01256 479700 or complete our contact form for a consultation. Let us transform your communication infrastructure and elevate your connectivity.



At DISConsulting, we offer more than just Telecoms and Connectivity solutions – we offer a commitment to your business's success. Trust our expertise, reliable services, and dedication to keeping you connected. Let us be your partner in achieving seamless communication and enhanced productivity.

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